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19 January 2011

Conformal Cyclic Cosmology in WMAP data?

Authors: V.G.Gurzadyan, R.Penrose
Link to Paper:

The Conformal Cyclic Cosmology model. A dynamic and controversial model (R. Penrose) that argues for various aeons preceding and following our current universe. The authors also explain that the validity of this model can be tested via observations (CMB anisotropies) and even claim to have found proof for the same!


  1. This looks like Methaphysics, rather than Astrophysics

  2. Well, it is indeed more mathematical when you look at how they treat the singularities by conformal transformations. I think it is something that should not be discarded just because it sounds strange and is unconventional.

    The fact that they are proposing observations and even claiming to find the observational signatures in the WMAP data shouts for our attention.

    If you specify what exactly sounds like metaphysics to you then maybe I can elaborate further.